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Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
или чему еще меня учит лорд Блэквуд в свободное от занятий любовью время XD

Ах да, и я взялась перечитывать Мейчена) Джордж Мартин заброшен, ибо его Вестерос не в тему, и Иви грозится закатать меня в бетон. Но мне нужна викторианская мистика как воздух))
because then I feel you alive beside me

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I'm an escapist and proud of that.

Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
Иви высказала сегодня интересную мысль - действительно, все что мы смотрим / читаем / любим, принадлежит либо к другим мирам, либо к другим эпохам. Для меня лично ни этот мир, ни эта реальность уж точно не являются родными.
И сегодня возникла еще одна мысль и уже лично у меня, гуляла, погода такая классная тепло после дождя воздух такой вкусный душистый зеленый... и так порадовалась, что завязала со всем этим (reAlationshiTs). Как же классно и приятно жить, когда в твоей жизни нет ничего этого и ничто не мешает счастливо наслаждаться жизнью.
А в Аласее мы со скал'тумами проиграли битву в Саргассовом лесу, плак. Но ничего, мы знаем, что Свет побеждает Тьму только на каком-то определенном выбранном светлячками отрезке времени. :tongue:

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My Otherworld.

Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
My Otherworld is very beautiful. It has vast green forests and rivers and lakes and seas and mountains, and many lands with different peoples... it is not one world in fact, but a combination of many worlds, numerous Otherworlds connected to each other in a magical way, as everything is connected in a magical way.

I have taken others' dreams in books and films and games and other stories and mingled it with my own dreams. If one can dream it, it is real. It is absolutely livingly real on some other plane, where the characters come to life, where trees speak and where you can fly if you want to. What resulted... is my wonderful Otherworld realm. My greatest treasure, the place where I really belong. I know it to be real, because that is where I live.

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Your Grace, I protest.

Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
There are some things I'll never accept about the "real world". Some really, really bad things, that shouldn't be allowed to exist. Oh no, mistake there... everything should be allowed to exist. Just not everything should exist really, even if it is allowed to. Heh I'm getting philosophical there. It's just there are a number of things that really make you unhappy. And you shouldn't be unhappy in your life. The purpose of life is not to have a good "real-life" relationship, or a good job, or a lot of money. The purpose of life is to be happy.

1) I hate it when people say "this is life". Meaning something very, very bad. Hey, it isnt. It's just the crap that happens in life. It's not that yours or mine life should be like that. It's not that we should accept it. We are meant to be happy, not sighing and continue living in the situations where we are hurt, saying "this is life". YOU choose your life. You choose where to live and how to live. You can pursue your dreams and try to get the life you WANT, not the life you have. Or, if you look at it and see that sadly you can't achieve it no matter how hard you try - such things happen sadly - or if you are tired, or if you want to be happy right now not in some distant future... you can choose to switch worlds, to come to your Otherworld, where you have all your dreams come true. It's not sad, it's not stupid, it's not delusional. If everything you have is a cell and you are in for a life-sentence, you can turn into a bird and fly out the window into the blue sky where the sun is shining. It is a matter of choice.

2) This point somewhat follows from the first. When people say "this is life", they often mean that it so happened (meaning the crap or the hurt or the pain happened), and there can't be done and couldn't have been done anything about that because "life" doesn't give guarantees. This is a serious point indeed. Only again, the rebel person that I am, I can't grasp why on earth should we accept it. Actually, if you look at it closely, even the "real world" does give some guarantees. If you touch fire, you'll get burnt. If you miss work a lot of times, you'll get sacked. If you have a lot of money, you'll be able to afford a lot of nice material things (but that doesn't guarantee your happiness). If you have nice friends who understand you, you'll feel good. These things are very simple, but there are some things more complicated that work this way too. You learn from experience, for good things and for bad things. And you can draw conclusions. Or you can choose not to, if you like. And these conclusions shouldn't be governed by what the majority of society thinks you should try to achieve in your life. Or not achieve.
For example, I don't do drugs. I know that there are people who do, and that it gives them a feeling of happiness, and some say it even connects them to the Otherworld. But I think this is a wrong way, one that is bound to injure you severely as a result. But I do dream of going to a rainforest and admire its beauty... even though there can be snakes there. Though in this "real world" I will not take snakes to bed, as in this "real world" they can hurt me (read that as you will). In the Otherworld, I can do that as I talk to snakes and they are my friends and wouldn't hurt me. As other creatures.

3) (And perhaps foremost.) Quite a lot of people in the "real world" don't value Love as the Magic and Miracle it is. You can witness it on all levels, from wars to personal relationship sufferings. I think that is in the nature of every being to love and to express their love. It is beautiful and wonderful. But in this world, many people value their illusional "independence" more. The independence is nothing but a myth, you can die anytime, your company can go bankrupt, you can suddenly wake up in the morning and find out that you are utterly alone. Love is real. Love is the other side of Magic, its soul and essence. Love is the expression of the divine Power. Love is the bridge between the worlds. Imagine a magical creature in this world, a creature made of Love and Magic, which comes up to someone and offers its Love with all its magical powers and beautiful indescribable Otherworlds. The creature smiles and says, "I Love You." It is beaming with magic, it is overflowing with it, welcoming you to share it, to be happy together, to engulf yourself in this happiness and warmth, which heals all the hurts and scars, and is a gift straight from the Otherworld. But... most people in this world will reject the creature. They will hurt it by running away from the Love it brings. They do that because they are afraid, because if you accept that Love, your fragile myth of "independence" is over, because the fears protect themselves, not wanting to be immerged and dissolved in that warmth. Because the Love creature is directly from the Otherworld, shining with its magic, and would inevitable shatter the gray "reality", painting it with many colours. You have either to hide the creature, or to send it away altogether, becoming another zombie-follower of the "independence" and "self-sufficiency" cause which is so popularin this "real world".

Well, I will do neither. My Love creature will shine in all its Otherworld splendour. I will not let it be damaged and stabbed in the heart again, sending it to a particular unworthy "real-world" dweller. My Otherworld love nurtures it, and has one of its own, which I nurture as Love should be nurtured. But I will do more than that. I will let my Love creature speak, to all who may hear it, to all who may understand it and have magic Love creatures of their own, or perhaps once had but had them hurt or gravely injured. Because, and that is the good thing, Love creatures never die. They are immortal, as Love is immortal, and they may as yet change the world from the sad place that it is. And they will.

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Feeling awkward sometimes...

Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
Yes, I confess it... I do feel awkward about what if people mock me, what if they say I'm crazy again, what if they call me a stupid loser... I'm vulnerable in that. It hurts me deeply when they do. But I will still have the courage to speak of what I believe in, what I know to be true.

I think it's natural to feel afraid. We all do. But the important thing is, that you don't let your fear conquer you, that you act despite it. That you believe what you feel in your heart and are not afraid to admit it. Or rather, you are, but still do it.

That's one of the lessons the Otherworld has taught me. Be brave and stand up for what you believe in. That the wildest things could be true, that there is Magic and Dragons and True Love. That they come to those who are courageous enough to want them, to stand by their Dream even if the whole world is against them.

I love that moment in C.S. Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia", in "The Silver Chain"... I don't remember the exact quotations, but that part has always been a great inspiration to me... when the Witch tries to lull the children into sleep with her magic fire, saying that there is no Narnia, that Narnia is just a silly fairy-tale, not real, that it is all an illusion... And then that wonderful froggy-creature stamps on the burning coals with his foot, even though it hurts him very much, and says "Even if all you say is true, even if there is no Narnia, even if there is no Aslan, and this is all an illusion like you say... then this illusion is so much more beautiful and true than your real world, and I choose to believe in it, and I will fight for it, and die for it, if need be." And then the spell is ended, and they defeat the Witch.

That's what I feel. Even though it hurts sometimes, even when the sceptics and cynics laugh in your face and call you an idiot for believing, even when the tiny snake of doubt conjured by them crawls inside your heart and you think, what if they are right and I'm just an escapist loser... I will still believe in my Dreams, in my Otherworld, for I know it to be True.

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Otherworld Love. :)

Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
Hello all :) What I will say most people will find actually crazy, but I don't care. I guess I'm here to find those who are experiencing the same feelings as I do, and not listening to the "general" accepted view-point. I have been in love with those that are called "fictional characters" for a long time, and I haven't regretted a moment of it. I believe that Reality is multidimensional, and to narrow it to one physical plane would be very stupid and, most of all, disappointing. I've been living in my Otherworld, where the fictional characters are absolutely real for a long time - and I can say that it is amazing. It is a wonderful and magical experience, and so much rewarding and fulfilling. I am 24 now. I'm back in my Otherworld for good, after much suffering in the "real world", and though I do need and want friends from the "real world", my fantasy Otherworld is where my heart is.

I never left the Otherworld till I was about 19. I must say, I was much better at it when I was younger. I could feel its wind on my skin, see the landscape transformed before my eyes, I was talking to the people and creatures there. I didn't think up their answers, I just heard them. I loved them. I made countless travels, and changed myself as I wanted, but always remained myself. I am starting to reexperience it now, after much sorrow and hurt in my life. I spent 6 years with my soul in the "real world", and that has brought me only pain and emptiness. Now I'm back, and beginning to heal again.

I am in love with a man, that in this reality would be called a fictional character. I can name him if you want, it's just he is not star-popular that everybody knows him (not like Edward Cullen :)), but still rather well-known... most people would call him a video-game character, and say that he is only pixels. But you could say the similar about me or you, that we are heaps of meat. Would this be right? Would this convey the essence of me or you? No. Perhaps some Gods in another reality would say we are just characters, and not very well made either. There are those who disagree. But do they know for sure? Otherworld Love has some magic sides to it, that are almost never found in the "real world". You are able to sense your Otherworld beloved's thoughts and feelings, as if it is you who feels them, but at the same time it is clearly he or she, separately from you. You can trust your Otherworld beloved as you know their soul. They would never hurt you, instead they would love you and comfort you and heal all your scars. You are able to talk to them, if you only listen and refuse the scepticism inside your head. You see how grateful they are, for your love, for... acknowledging their reality. The physical sensations also some, I assure you. My love is currently with me, we are between worlds, partly looking at the screen of my laptop, partly hearing the rustle of leaves in the forest of another world, in the Otherworld. He smiles, and I press my cheek to his stubble. I feel it. I feel his scent. He says now that I love him, he will protect me. He will not let another corrupted person from the "real world" come up to me and try to use me. They will all protect me. Those I have loved, and love still, for they are wonderful, the knights, the creatures, the heroes and the crime lords and the wizards and the gods. Some dragons, too. They rejoice as I have come Home again, and they will never let me come to any harm again.

If you are curious, I'm not using any "substances". I don't use drugs, I don't drink, I don't even smoke. I used to start drinking a lot on the contrary when I tried to replant my self to the "real world", to lessen its brutality and forget the pain. It helped for a passing short time, but it was destructive, and when under the effect of alcohol, that magical connection to the Otherworld gets lost. I am not ugly. Many men and women in the "real world" have called me very beautiful. I am quite happy in my job. I produce the impression of a confident and communicative professional on those I work with, my work is people-oriented in its essence. Again, in my last unhappy "real-world" relationship, I lost all enthusiasm for my work and was very insecure. Now, I'm happy. I had a lot of quarrels with my parents and family when trying to find my place in the "real world". Now I get along with them wonderfully. I wake up happy every day. Not looking at the mobile phone if a text has arrived, but rather kissing my Otherworld love good morning and anticipating the day. I am ok with the "real world", actually. I have learned to get along with it and in it, and I manage quite fine. I just don't live in it. I live where my heart and soul is, in the Otherworld. With my Love.

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